WhatsApp recall features will be rolled out soon

WhatsApp has 1.2 billion active users globally, according to the reports. The users of the WhatsApp application, long waiting for the recall features. This feature may help the user to avoid embracing moment by sending wrong or misspelled messages in the private chat or group conversation while discussing an important topic.    

WhatsApp users long waiting for having their message service allows them to recall their sent message. However, the company yet to release this features soon. The new version for the WhatsApp app usually update for the Android or iOS users, but now the recall feature has been now spotted on the beta version on Windows Phone. The recall feature allows the users to recall or revoke their WhatsApp a message is on the card. Let this feature make the users edit or change the text once sent it to the receiver.

But this feature is possible before the receiver read the message. Users can spot this feature in the WhatsApp beta version 2.17.218 for Windows Phone. It also suggests the company is preparing to launch the much requested by more users as part of the popular messaging application’s whatsapp clone ios next general update.

Upper hand of being a beta user

To become the beta user, we have to register in the beta user option in the play store while download or update for the Android users. The request will be sent to the iPhone users from the developer to become the part of the beta user. WABetaInfo reports that two more features spotted on Window phone only for the beta users.



Adding of Learn more button

As per the reports, the chat application adds a “Learn more” button to know about the function of the features. It may help to understand how the feature will work in the chat application. This feature App like whatsapp in the disabled mode and may be enabled soon. Meanwhile, the chat app is working on improving the select multiple chat features by adding the options to pin, or mute or allow notifications for the multiple features. However, the leaked screenshots don’t really show how the features will work.